Your Company’sOwn App.

Don't Be Just A Pest Control Guy. Be The Pest Control Guy Who Has An App.
Alberto Perez Owner of Nomore Pests

“Pest Request App made everything so much easier. Now I can identify the issue before the visit, no more wasted trips and we look so professional with our own app!”

An App Made Exclusively For Pest Control Companies? Who’d tell?

Robert Oller - Founder and SureFire Solutions Owner.
At PestRequest we believe that a Pest Control business is very important to the society and we pride ourselves for being able to offer those tools that would have a very high cost for a Pest Control company. I wish I had that when I first started my business 15 years ago.

How It Works


Your Clients Sign Up Using Your Company's ID


They Will See The App With Your Logo And Your Company Info


They Can Easily Request A Service To Your Company


You Can See What Issue You'll Deal With In Prior To The Appointment


You Can Easily Communicate Your Clients And Keep Records

Know Before
You Go.
  • ... When Requesting A Service, Your Customers Will Upload Picture Of The Pest.
  • ... You Or Your Team Can Identify The Issue Before The Appointment.
  • ... Your Technician Go Prepared For The Appointment. You Avoid Wasted Trips And Save Money.


Upload Your Own Logo

Pest Request app is made for you. That is why you can upload your own brand and that is how your clients will see the app and recognize your company.

Message Center And Easy Call Button

Communication was never so easy. Now your clients can easily contact you using our message center or just by pressing the call button on the app. You and your technician can also contact them very easily.

Online Service Request

In just a few steps and in the comfort of their home, your customer can easily request a Pest Control service and you receive it straight to your backend. After receiving the request is just approve and make the appointment.

Receive Pictures of the Issue

With Pest Request App, your clients can upload or take a picture on the time of requesting a service. In this way, you can avoid missed visits and your technician go to the appointment ready to treat the right pest.

Appointments Schedule And Control

You will receive the desired day and time that your client would want the appointment. After checking your schedule, you can approve it and make the appointment according to your schedule.

Customer's Data And History

You and your clients can now access all past services and keep all data in just one place. The app keep records of what issue was eliminated, when it was done, the locations it was found and all information you need to know to improve your services.

We Help You Not Only To Save Money But Also To Earn More. Increase Your Revenue.
Increase Services Quality, Get Customer's Satisfaction And Better Reviews.

Available on iOS and Androids.

We Want You To Reach As More Client’s As You Can. That Is Why Our App Was Developed In Both Mobile Systems, iOS And Android.

We Are Here For Whenever You
Or Your Client Needs.


Our online support team is always here for you.